Our Mission and Constitution

As the governing body for all twenty-seven IFC fraternities at UNC, the Interfraternity Council is the largest men’s organization on campus. With such a breadth of representation, our organization seeks to use its ability and means to create a far-reaching impact on the Carolina Community by advancing our four core values: scholarship, campus involvement, brotherhood, and philanthropy. We do this through each of our member chapters and the brothers that work therein. Through their tireless efforts, the IFC boasts a higher average GPA than the student body at-large, millions of dollars raised annually for charity, members in countless leadership positions across campus, and the cultivation of lifelong friendship after lifelong friendship. These are facts that we take great pride in as we continue Carolina's storied Greek tradition.

Our constitution spells out our purpose as an organization, and the underlying laws that allow us to provide a sovereign governance structure for, and in the interest of, our member chapters. These laws include the requirements and expectations of member fraternities, the terms of executive board membership and other interactive elements that exist between the IFC and its member chapters.

It also includes our bylaws, which define the various functions of the IFC, obligations of member chapters, our Code of Conduct and more.

Our constitution in its entirety can be found here: CONSTITUTION OF THE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL - 2020.pdf

We invite each of you to explore our site and discover the great opportunities the IFC may have for you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact someone on our executive board.

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Our Mission and Constitution